Bogdanova twins has competed on the World Championships 2013  0

Olga and Viktoria Bogdanova finished the competition at the 32nd World Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics in Kiev today, where they were just the two from Estonia (SC Janika, coach Larissa Gorbunova). On the 28th August twins did exercise in hoop and ball and on the 29th August in clubs and ribbon.

Overall Viktoria took 43rd place, Olga – 47th in the all-around among total of 97 top participants from all over the World.

All-around full result list

The girls are greatly improving from year to year.

At the 30th World Championships in 2010 Olga was 74th, Viktoria 62

At the 31st in 2011 Olga was 69, Viktoria 48.




Olga Bogdanova – hoop


Viktoria Bogdanova – hoop


Olga Bogdanova – ball


Viktoria Bogdanova – ball


Olga Bogdanova – clubs


Viktoria Bogdanova – clubs


Olga Bogdanova – ribbon


Viktoria Bogdanova – ribbon


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